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Here's what actual solar customers are saying...
"Yes!! - That's what it felt like! I would certainly recommend solar and in fact I have recommended it to several people who are just as happy as I am. I typically tell people they can save a lot of money by going solar. Some people don't think of solar as an option but anyone with sunshine on their roof can benefit from solar power. It's an easy way to save on your energy bills and help the environment."
"Wow! I couldn't believe it! to actually finally see the electricity meter turning backwards! That's what I had been waiting for all these years. I came running in the house and said "Honey, come here and look at the meter!"I know I'm saving money and I can't help but believe we're saving the environment. It's a win- win. It just makes sense especially if your spouse likes to crank the thermostat down and keep the house cool! :)".